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Neighbor Story

Anna* was nearing the end of her rope when she walked through the doors of GraceWorks a few weeks ago. 

A single mother of three, she had lost her job through downsizing, she had exhausted her savings, both of her cars were broken down, and she could not meet her bills anymore. With the loss of transportation, Anna and her daughter had no transportation to find new jobs. 

After listening to her story, GraceWorks staff and volunteers helped Anna with several utility bills, got her rent up to date and gave her a shopping cart full of groceries. In addition, she was told she could come back monthly for more food. 

A few weeks later, Anna sent an email to express her appreciation for GraceWorks’ support, praise for God’s help and to share some good news about the changes in her situation. 

“We are grateful to so many for their support over these last few months, and we include you in our gratitude” she wrote. “Please join us in celebrating the start of my new job last week and the miraculous way God made for me to purchase a new car the week before. Also, a friend of a friend loaned us a spare vehicle starting the day my daughter began her new job.” 

“The favor of God on His children is infallible! Let this proof build your faith also.” 

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