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Planning for a Successful Succession  

Perhaps you have heard whispers that I will be retiring as CEO of GraceWorks.   Well, it is true, I do plan to retire at the end of this fiscal year on June 30, 2024!   

There is lots to do in preparation for such a major transition, which is why I gave the Board over a year advance notice. I wanted to give ample time for them to do the necessary due diligence required of this important next step.  I love GraceWorks way too much to not help us plan for a successful succession.  

Of course, one of the most important things to do after my announcement was to choose my successor.  After a deep and intentional vetting by the Board along with the help of an Executive Search consultant, I am excited to tell you that Alicia Bell, Director of Development has been chosen as the next CEO of GraceWorks!  She will officially take the post on July 1st of 2024 after my full resignation.  I am delighted to have an extremely capable internal candidate who has also shown a deep commitment to and love for GraceWorks as well as for the community we serve. Plus, she is a native Franklinite…it just doesn’t get much better than that! 

So now the next step is to find a new Director of Development as Alicia’s successor.  In the meantime, Alicia will also be working on training and stabilizing the other new post in her department in preparation to hand it off to the new Director.  Obviously, we are currently looking to fill the post of Director of Development.  Here is where you can find the job description Jobs | GraceWorks Ministries ( to pass on to a likely candidate you may know, (you will see other posts we are hiring for as well 😊) 

In January Alicia will begin her training for the CEO post.  I am happy to teach her all that I know because I firmly believe she is the right next person to lead GraceWorks.  While the change for sure will be an adjustment for everyone, me included; an early announcement gives us all time to embrace the idea of me leaving and of Alicia stepping in.   

Please know that I am in full agreement with the Board!  I hope you are too! Alicia is a fabulous choice for the next CEO, who will bring fresh eyes, fresh vision, fresh energy and creative strategic thinking to the next season of GraceWorks.  Please join me in praying for her success as my successor! 

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