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104 Southeast Pkwy, Franklin TN.

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Donation Drop-Off:
Mo-Sat 9AM-3PM


Thrift Store:
Mo-Sat 9AM-4PM


Neighbor Services:
Mo-Fri 9AM-4PM

Thank you for considering volunteering at GraceWorks. We depend on more than 200 volunteers each week to accomplish our mission with our neighbors in need. Please visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to see how to get involved.

We have two shifts, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. We also need volunteers for various EVENTS throughout the year.

Yes! We recommend that you schedule the group's visit with Erin by contacting her HERE.

Volunteers do a variety of jobs at GraceWorks such as: tagging and sorting clothes, pricing and organizing home goods, and many other jobs. Please visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to see the many ways you can volunteer.

Volunteers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes. GraceWorks provides bottled water to all volunteers.

GraceWorks participates in and hosts many events throughout the year to help raise funds to continue serving our neighbors in need. Please visit our EVENT CALENDAR to see our schedule and how you can be a part of upcoming event.


Every 30 days, but you MUST book an appointment each time.

Yes, and the easiest way is to book an appointment online HERE.

Yes, when booking the appointment you will want to choose the 'Self-Select' option, which will allow you to shop in the Pantry and choose the food for your family. The other option to receive food assistance is Curbside, where pre-selected food will be brought to your vehicle.

Yes, you can SCHEDULE YOUR FOOD APPOINTMENT right away. For support and shelter services we ask you to CONTACT US first.

In order to serve as many Neighbors as possible and to prevent too much traffic on our site, we need to process everything systematically and organized with appointments.

Find updates on the Manger registration and more HERE.

You can CONTACT US to get help from our Shelter and Support programs. Find more details about our assistance HERE.

Find more details about our Shelter program HERE.

GraceWorks helps Neighbors in need who struggle to pay for rent, mortgage, utility bills etc. Click HERE, for more details.

For our Food program we serve anyone. For our Shelter and Support programs we serve residents of Williamson County, TN. Click HERE for more details about our services.

GraceWorks offers 20+ different programs for neighbors in need. Click HERE for details.

In general, food is distributed on a monthly basis, utility bills every six months and rent once per year. Other programs are based on need and available funding.

If all required forms are present when applying for assistance, approval can be given after an interview.

Fuel Bags are bags filled with nutritious and easily prepared food items for students in the free/reduced lunch program. Each Friday teachers discreetly pack the Fuel Bags in the children’s backpacks before they leave for the weekend, helping to supplement their food at home.



Yes. Each gift will receive a "Thank You" letter or email that will serve as a receipt for tax purposes.

Donation Drop-Off:
Mo-Sat 9AM-3PM


Thrift Store:
Mo-Sat 9AM-4PM


Neighbor Services:
Mo-Fri 9AM-4PM

Yes, see our Privacy Policy HERE.

Yes, find the Form 990 HERE.

Yes. For cyber security reasons, please CONTACT US or visit us to see the docuement.

Though we happily accept most things at GraceWorks, find those items we do not accept HERE.

We do pick up gently used furniture and appliances in excellent condition. Click HERE to find out how to set up an appointment. Due to space and time limitations, we are unable to pick up clothing or housewares.

Yes. Everything donated to GraceWorks is tax-deductible.

The GraceWorks Food Pantry generally needs canned ham or chicken, spaghetti sauce (in tin or plastic jars), canned beef stew, jelly & boxed meals (such as Hamburger Helper). We often post special needs on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

GraceWorks will provide collection bins and send someone out to collect donations at the end of the drive CONTACT US for more information.

Yes! For more information, contact Alicia Bell by email.


Thrift Store revenue provides roughly 38% of the income GraceWorks receives each year.

To stay up-to-date of our sales join our Thrift VIP group on social media HERE and sign up per email HERE.

We request customers pick up their items within 48 hours of purchase. If you need a mover to pick up your item(s), we can recommend delivery options to you.