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The Uplifting Chair

Sometimes a disappointment turns into a Godsend.

Jan’s* husband needed a lift chair when he could no longer stand unassisted. After her husband’s death, Jan loaned the chair to her friend Margaret* who needed a chair that would allow her to sleep upright after eye surgery.

When Margaret no longer needed the chair, she thought it may help GraceWorks’ Thrift Store. She knew sales from the GraceWorks Thrift Store helped feed, house, and support Neighbors in need. Unfortunately, the answer was no. The GraceWorks Thrift Store often does not have room for large unique items, like the chair, that may not sell quickly, so we had to turn it down at the time.

A short time later, a woman named Geraldine needed help. She called GraceWorks in hopes we had a lift chair for her father who was recovering from a stroke. Talk about God’s timing!

GraceWorks was able to connect the two women. When Geraldine asked Margaret for the price of the chair, Margaret said it was free if two strong men would come and take it.

“What a joy to know that this chair is continuing to lift a family in need,” Jan wrote in an email expressing her gratitude to GraceWorks’ intervention in helping yet another family in need.

This is the power of GraceWorks’ model as a community resource center. GraceWorks is the place people come if they need help and the place people come if they have something to give. GraceWorks is honored to be the connector for big, small, unique and ongoing problems!

*Not their real names

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