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I Want YOU!

If you can, imagine my picture in that iconic Uncle Sam poster, (yeah, you have my permission to keep me in the hat!) where it is my pointed finger and my (smiling) face, declaring I want you. And I do! This letter is my call out to our community to come and volunteer with GraceWorks Ministries!

There is an old saying: Many hands make light work.  Many hands is exactly what it takes to run GraceWorks. Any given day, our volunteers will outnumber staff by some days as much as 80%, as you put the GraceWorks’ Neighbor serving Neighbor mission statement into action by giving your time and your talent to serve your Neighbor.  

So often we talk about the impact GraceWorks has on the Neighbors we serve, and rightly so!  But equally important are those Neighbors who do the serving. In God’s two-way economy, He allows the lives of those providing the service to be just as impacted as those who are receiving the service.  

Here is a quote taken from an email that a new volunteer recently sent me:

By the way, I had my first day today!!!  I packed groceries into carts and even was able to help with curbside orders!!!  I even was able to pray with about 4 or 5 people!!! It was the best day, so meaningful and real and what real Love is all about! Thank you for this opportunity! -Jane

As a faith based community resource center, we want to be your place of service and ministry. Which is why we extend an open handed invitation to our community to come and serve with us. Again, I want you!  An even more accurate statement is that I need you! Whether you come volunteer behind the scenes (in the Food Pantry, or processing area, or committee work, or event planning work), or come and be the face of GraceWorks, (by becoming a GraceWorker, or a Board member, or a member of the Speaker’s Bureau), you become a crucial part of our work. This list of ways to serve with us is by no means an exhaustive list.  The real point I am trying to make is that we literally can’t do our work without your generous gift of time.  

This is especially true as we approach these last months of the year which is our busiest season of serving. We have an ongoing need for Food Pantry volunteers, Mobile Food Pantries, GraceWorkers to help vet and serve our Neighbors, volunteers to help with the Turkey Trot, and of course we need a village of folks to join us in serving the 800 families expected to attend the Manger.  Please sign up to join us GraceWorks Ministries » Be A Volunteer

So regardless if you volunteer, make financial or in-kind donations, shop with us, serve with us, pray with us, or are on staff with us, I am grateful for your partnership.  Your continued commitment is a blessing to me and to those we serve.

Yours in Christ, 

Valencia A. Breckenridge

P.S. I also want to thank you for your generous responses to the Volunteer Insider’s Fund.  This is just another example of your commitment to do all you can to serve our Neighbors!

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