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Still No News

Everywhere I go, people ask me for an update about finding a new home for GraceWorks. And I love it, because it means we have a community that is concerned as we are and is listening, reading our postings, and talking to one another. I also feel comforted that I am not alone in heeding the ticking clock of our pending June 2023 lease expiration.

I long for the day when I have the big and wonderful news that God has provided a new home for us. I have already joked with Mayor Moore that when that day comes, I am hosting a one-woman parade down Main Street complete with somersaults, cartwheels, horn blowing and confetti throwing! 😊

While there is no concrete news to report yet, please know there is a lot going on underneath the surface. I have had multiple conversations with caring churches, and of course with our City Mayor Moore, our City Administrators and Aldermen, along with our County Mayor Anderson and our Williamson Chamber representative. I have also spoken with supporting businesses, civil engineers, other ministries and just about anyone else who will listen to me! I am confident the Lord is at work through these conversations and in His time will open a door that none of us dreamed was even there!!! In the meantime, I remain hopeful and grateful for all the concerns and prayers on our behalf. 

We remain faithful in our work, knowing our great God is working all things out to His Glory. We continue to serve food to our hungry Neighbors giving out an average of 235 food carts each week. We continue to feed an additional several hundred a month through our monthly Mobile Food Pantries in Fairview, Franklin Estates and Maple Village (a retirement apartment complex in Fairview). We still offer shelter assistance, spending an average of $26,785 monthly to keep Neighbors in their homes and a monthly average of $10,315  to keep the homes of our Neighbors warm and functioning.  Our wraparound support – including vouchers from our Thrift Store for clothing, household goods and furniture – continues, as do our other many other support services. Right now, in partnership with United Way and VITA, we are offering free income tax filing preparation for our low-income Neighbors. 

As the time of our stay in the 104 Southeast Parkway building shrinks, our service to Neighbors grows. Nonetheless I know that while we are at work serving Neighbors, God is at work selecting the perfect spot for our new home!

Please look for your Annual Impact Reports to show up in your mailboxes soon. As the name implies, this report tells the impact of all the treasures you give to GraceWorks. I hope you feel as proud as I feel good to see the numbers on how you have supported and sustain this ministry, as together we serve our Neighbors in need. 

Thank you again for being part of our “real-life Bible story” and turning your head upward to the sky with me as we look for Yahweh Jireh, “the Lord our provider,” to give us what He has for us. Good news is on the way! 

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