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Neighbor Story May 2024

Sally* and her husband agreed once they had children she would stay at home, and he would provide the family income. 

This arrangement worked for nearly 20 years until her husband filed for divorce. 

Suddenly a single mother with no income or job skills, Sally was solely responsible for their three children. In divorce proceedings, she discovered her former husband had no financial resources and he had been ignoring the family bills for months. 

Luckily for her, jobs requiring little or no experience are plentiful these days in service areas. Unluckily, they are part-time with no benefits and with odd schedules that interfered with caring for her children outside of school hours. She has no extra money to pay for childcare. She managed to string together three part-time jobs, but the income was scarcely enough, She prayed every day no one in the family would need medical care. 

One morning, Sally looked out her window and saw a GraceWorks truck across the street. She said that was when she knew GraceWorks was meant to be a part of her life. 

She went to GraceWorks that very day and found compassion and caring, as well as the financial help she needed. After telling her story, she was given a shopping cart full of food to fill her empty pantry and support in paying her rent and her utility bills. 

“You’ll never know how much difference this makes for us,” she said. “I feel I have room to breathe now.” 

*GraceWorks does not reveal actual names to protect confidentiality. 

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