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Letter from the GraceWorks CEO Successor, Alicia Bell

I believe an introduction is in order. In a way, I feel like I know each of you. I have prayed for you. I have praised God for you. I have felt your love for your Neighbors.  

Thank you. I have grown closer to God because of you. Your generosity and service have proven His love to our Neighbors time and time again. 

And that is why I am excited to be at GraceWorks – His love. God’s love pours out of our Food, Shelter, and Support programs. On top of those programs we are known for, we have an opportunity to share Christ’s love to people who may not know Him. For the volunteers, the shoppers, those looking for services who may not know Christ, we have the chance to share His love every day, multiple times a day! How lucky am I that I get to call this my “job”!!? 

Now, on to the task at hand – to introduce myself. My parents, the Whitehouses, come from Owensboro, Kentucky, a small town whose culinary achievements include a lamb-based stew named burgoo they claim many U.S. Presidents have eaten. My Dad is a hardworking father who loves his family fervently, and my Mom sacrificially stayed home to raise her two girls with intention and faith. My sister is my best friend. My parents moved to Franklin where I was born and raised. Yes, I am a “unicorn” local. I am a proud Liberty Lion, Woodland Warrior, and Ravenwood Raptor!  

I met my husband at Lipscomb University. After graduate school at Indiana University, Robert Dale Bell and I got married at my home church in downtown Franklin. He can do absolutely anything he puts his mind to including electrical engineering, learning the banjo, making bows and arrows, cooking incredible meals, and most impressively staying home to raise our two precious children, Adelaide and Arthur. 

After working at a food pantry in Indiana, United Way in smalltown Tennessee, and a medical nonprofit in Nashville I came to GraceWorks seven years ago as Director of Development. It has been a dream come true! While we have faced many challenges during my time here, God’s perfect love is here and grows more present to me by the day. 

So, as my first day as CEO approaches on July first, I would ask you to join me in witnessing God at work! Join me in prayer for His will to be done, and let’s anticipate together the story He is writing for GraceWorks. 

14 thoughts on “Letter from the GraceWorks CEO Successor, Alicia Bell”

  1. If your work as director of development is any indication, Graceworks is in excellent hands! Not only are you organized and efficient, but you accomplish your tasks with grace and personality.
    The Costellos are big “Alicia fans” and applaud the Board for their wisdom in choosing you to direct Graceworks. You’ll be covered by our prayers, along with the prayers of all of the Graceworks family. God’s will is that we love and serve our neighbors, especially those in need. You can be confident that you are in the center of God’s will.
    Blessings on you, your family, and your efforts for Graceworks!

  2. Alicia…congratulations to you!
    I am soooo proud of you and for you as you willingly have served and will serve many grateful folks!
    Sending many good wishes and prayers…

    ♥️Judy Jackson


  4. Jonathan Glover

    Praying fervently for you and your family as you step into the next season of life God has for you. I’m excited to see how God uses you to take care of His children. Always here to serve however you might need me to. God Bless you and your family

  5. Barbara Layden

    Welcome, Alicia!
    We are thankful for you, and we are all here to help you transition.
    Blessings, Barb

  6. Gorman Jacquelene

    May God continue his blessings for
    you and your family. May Grace Works Ministry continue to be blessed as God is with you in your Leadership role of CEO. Wishing you great success.
    Marv and Jacque Gorman

  7. Hard to know where to start. I have volunteered in the food pantry , Wednesday afternoons for over two years. I have worked hard, laughed even harder and fallen in love with every person I have had the honor to work with. I feel the Lords presence in every square inch of the building . I look forward to many more years volunteering at Graceworks and look forward to meeting you

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