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He knows the plans He has for us

Happy New Year! Traditionally as I say goodbye to one year and welcome in the next, I search for a new verse to guide me and encourage me in that new year. But it seems every year, I land on the same verse. Its Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And why not? Even though it is a new year, I am serving the same God, and His promises are true!

This verse is both timeless and pertinent and is the exact message of Godly encouragement that I need for myself and for the ministry of GraceWorks. So, I am holding it in my own heart and standing in it on behalf of GraceWorks. This verse speaks to me in a special way in this season of uncertainty over where we will go at the end of June of 2023 when our lease is up. And while this is a stressful time, this verse reminds me that my good gracious, generous and sovereign God has already mapped out the plans for the future of GraceWorks!

God says He knows the plans He has for me, and He knows the plans He has for GraceWorks. Both plans are good!  

Why should I doubt Him? God has not failed us yet.  

God gives me evidence of His plans to prosper us and give us a future and a hope through you. Your prayers, your giving, your volunteering, your advocacy, and now your emails and hopeful wishes about us finding a space sustain us and keep me expectantly looking forward. 

Thank you for believing in the necessity of GraceWorks and for supporting the food, rent and utility assistance we offer along with our other wraparound services. Through your support of GraceWorks our Neighbors receive the same message that God plans to give them a hope and a future. Here is a thank you letter from one of our Neighbors that you equipped us to serve.

In 2022, GraceWorks will continue to carry on the now over 26-year tradition of bringing Godly hope to members of our community through their struggles with generational and situational poverty. It is a privilege to pass on your generosity to them and the hope it gives! 

Thank you for being part of this real live Bible story” we are walking through together. I cant wait to see what God unveils for us!

Gratefully Yours,

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