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God’s Grace and Your Generosity!

The Manger is a wonderful example of the GraceWorks’ mission statement of Neighbor serving Neighbor, in action. At this special time of the year, you, our GraceWorks’ partners pour out your generosity to us, and we in turn pour it out on our Neighbors on your behalf and on Gods behalf.

It is an event that allows us to fully express our Christian foundation, in that this is no ordinary gift giving, but one specifically done at Christmas to also tell our Neighbors of the hope that Christ can and does brings into their lives. You cant have Christmas without Christ, and we cant host the Manger without talking about our Savior. While a lot of preparation goes into registering our Neighbors to come and stage the gifts for their arrival, at the same time we also prepare our hearts to share the good news of Emmanuel, God with us.” 

While we pray and share the gospel with our Neighbors all year long, Christmas is also the perfect time to demonstrate the second half of our mission statement, by the power of Gods grace,” to those we serve and to those who are serving with us. I can think of no better time to talk about and celebrate Gods provision and of His amazing grace to all of us!

Godly hope, gospel good news, tangible generosity and a community that wraps its arms around them, are what our Neighbors need. And their need is great!! So many families come to mind; my heart is reminded of their desperation. One in particular, is the family of the 22-year-old young woman, Lucy, who you can read about HERE. It is such a heartwarming story.

It is a joy to express your generous and tangible care to our Neighbors. It is an even bigger joy to express that of God’s. I wish you could see all the toys and gifts you have donated to us for this year’s Manger. Our generosity opens the door and gives us reason to talk about God. People at the Manger have literally asked us why we host such a fabulous event for you. With a big smile, I proudly say it is because of Christ and you! 

May your Christmas be as bright and merry as you are helping it to be for our Neighbors!


Valencia A. Breckenridge

P.S.  I hope that you have all read or at least heard about the press release we placed in the Williamson Herald, letting our community know that we are losing our lease as of June 2023.I pray that you will pray for Gods provision of a temporary space for us as we seek out long-term options to own a building in the coming future. Please dont hesitate to contact me at with any leads you might have. Keep your ears to the ground. 

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