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Small Kindnesses…Big Impact

You play a big part in making GraceWorks who we are today. We were created out of your desire to impactfully care for your Neighbors. GraceWorks continues to thrive under that same community compassion. The sum of your small acts of kindness makes us that trusted community resource center Neighbors have come to depend on to receive generous, tangible, and comprehensive help.   

It is our ongoing privilege to pass on your demonstrable kind-hearted concern to those who need it the most. I wish I could say to each Neighbor receiving any one of our food, shelter, or support services “this help that you are receiving is courtesy of the kindness of (put your name here)”.   

These acts of kindness happen every day at GraceWorks. Your round-up at the thrift store register, though a small gesture, can help a young family have heat or light in their homes or better still prevent them from being homeless altogether. Your in-kind donation of clothes your children have outgrown can go to someone who literally didn’t have the money to purchase clothes their child needed is yet another small act of kindness that has a big impact. The food drive you organized with your neighborhood may seem like a small thing to you, but it is huge to the family whose pantry is filled because of your act of kindness.   

Every generosity you extend has multiple layers of impact. I hold that you and I will truly never know the extent of it.  But the Neighbors who benefit from what you do know the fullness of the difference you make.  I know the difference as well. 

In my over 30 years of working in faith based nonprofit ministries, I have never experienced a more generous pouring out of time, talent, and treasure. You are Hebrews 13:16 in action! 

Because of your small acts of kindness, our reputation of being a stellar community resource center is reaching deep into Williamson County and beyond; because of your small acts of kindness, we have grown as a ministry, and most importantly because of your small acts of kindness we can serve more people.  

Thank you again for the very evident impact you have had in the lives of our Neighbors and in mine! 

Yours in Christ 

p.s.  Once again, I was recently asked “Is GraceWorks still looking for a new home?” The answer is yes!  We are still in search of a permanent home, so please keep praying.  

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