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Overcoming Hardship with Grace: How GraceWorks Ministries Supported a Grandmother in Need

February Neighbor Story 

Patricia* thought she was all through with full-time parenting when her daughter married her high school sweetheart. 

But with her daughter’s later divorce and her addiction, Patricia was back in the parenting game again with her 4-year-old granddaughter, Minnie*. 

A few weeks ago, Minnie caught the RSV virus, which then developed into a nasty strep throat and sinus infection. Patricia’s income, based solely on Social Security, couldn’t cover the electric bill after paying for the doctor visits and prescription after prescription. 

Patricia had occasionally received food from GraceWorks, but this was her first time to request another of GraceWorks’ many services. She had only $80 to pay for the electric bill but it wasn’t enough, and the utility was due to be disconnected. She worried Minnie would get even sicker if they had to live in the cold. 

GraceWorks paid for her electric bill as well as providing a shopping cart full of food. In gratitude, Patricia sent the following note. 

“I would like to thank you all so very much for your help on my electric bill,” she wrote. “This was truly a blessing! I can’t express my gratitude enough. You have taken a big burden off me. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you so very much! May God bless you all!” 

oin us in creating more stories of hope and transformation like Patricia’s. At GraceWorks Ministries, every donation fuels our mission to provide essential services—from emergency utility assistance to feeding families facing hardship. Your support can light up someone’s world, offering not just financial aid but a message of faith, hope, and community. Whether it’s through volunteering, a monetary donation, or spreading the word, your contribution makes a real difference. Together, we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone. Let’s unite in kindness and generosity to continue making profound impacts on the lives of our neighbors. Support GraceWorks Ministries today and be part of a journey of compassion and change.

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