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Neighbor Story

COVID had already limited Patty’s* income when her household suddenly added three more people. 

She developed multiple autoimmune disorders from the virus and was forced to survive on limited contract work from home. Sometimes jobs were weeks apart. 

Struggling financially on her own, Patty’s sister was hospitalized for several weeks with a devastating illness. After release from the hospital, her sister still required care and help with her two young children. Patty took them in. 

Feeding three extra mouths unexpectedly strained her finances until she discovered GraceWorks Mobile Food Pantries. Getting needed food easily “changed her life,” she said. All she had to do was drive up in her car and volunteers loaded groceries into her trunk. 

“All the volunteers always have huge smiles in the rain, in the heat, in the freezing weather,” she said. 

Her sister’s children were even able to have a joyous Christmas with gifts from the GraceWorks’ Manger. She said she cried all the way home that December night with three presents for each child, books and a family board game. 

“It’s not about the presents, it’s about God’s presence in your life,” she said. 

Early this year, Patty was unable to pay her rent for the first time ever. With eviction looming, she approached GraceWorks for help. 

And GraceWorks was able to support her again by paying a month’s rent and filling a shopping cart with groceries. 

And once again, she was met with compassion and kindness from GraceWorks staff and volunteers. 

“It feels like a store. It feels so normal,” she said. “I felt so loved. Taking the food and being able to make so many meals, knowing it came from blessings—it’s everything.” 

These positive experiences, in addition to the tangible help, left Patty wishing she were well enough to work at a mobile pantry. 

“I want to hand someone a food box who might feel shameful, embarrassed, or like they’ve done something wrong, and tell them they are loved are and how glad we are that they are here. Because that is what people have done for me. And every time I feel that they really mean it.” 

*GraceWorks does not use actual names to protect confidentiality. 

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