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My Heart for GraceWorks.  

You may be wondering – Why is she the new CEO? While I believe it is a stroke of luck and God’s provision, I do have some experience that will help. If you want to know a little more about my background, click HERE for my bio.  

More importantly, you may be wondering – What are her motives?  

I would be wondering the same thing, because there are dozens of reasons the job as CEO of GraceWorks is an attractive gig. To list a few: the community, a crazy talented team, seriously impactful service model, and you get to shop at the best thrift store during your lunch breaks!   

While I am drawn to GraceWorks for all of these reasons, I wanted to share with you my deepest heartfelt reasons. There are two.  

First, I simply cannot believe that my job, every task and moment of it, is designed to practice the second greatest commandment – “To love your neighbors as yourself.” What is a better use of my time? 

Second, I think GraceWorks has a unique opportunity for the kingdom of God. I call GraceWorks a sister to the bride of Christ, His church. We aren’t the church, but we are a place filled with people who love Jesus. We maybe even serve as her welcome mat for some. 

I’ll elaborate. I have come to understand that many people in my generation (and others) have become intimidated, hurt or confused by the church, and they won’t walk into one. They may be intimidated by the assumption that you have understand denominational histories, theological differences, or traditions before participating. That breaks my heart, because I love the church deeply and know her to be a welcoming place.  

But for some, GraceWorks is a less intimidating place to encounter Christ. Here, people from all faith walks and denominations come together for one reason – to love our neighbors. GraceWorks is a testimony that simple obedience to loving Him and loving your neighbors does indeed bring peace, healing and restoration to the world. So, while we don’t have the important responsibility as the bride herself, we do have the privilege of proving that Jesus’ words are true. 

That is something to be excited about. I pray that we continue to be a welcome mat to Jesus, where all people – donors, shoppers, volunteers, neighbors in need – can encounter Him here!  

I thank you for whatever role you have played at GraceWorks. If you pray for us, have received help from us, volunteer, give to our store, financially donate, or simply cheer us on – thank you! You are a part of that testimony for Jesus. 

So, as I step into the role of CEO, I pray we get to witness a season of God’s mighty movements. 

Thank you for loving your neighbors with us! 


5 thoughts on “My Heart for GraceWorks.  ”

  1. So very happy for you Alicia. We all look forward to supporting you as you continue the mission of Neighbor Serving Neighbor By The Power of God’s Grace

  2. God bless you in your new endeavor. All I’ve heard of you is very impressive and I know that you love God or you would not take this job. I was a volunteer in the Food Pantry and I loved it. I had to stop because of my health, but I continue to pray for the whole team. In Christ, Sarah Burge

  3. Starr Beaudoin

    Loved the prayer and join in iit, that we continue to be a welcome mat to Jesus, where ALL who enter can encounter Him. Thank you, Alicia . GraceWorks is blessed to have you as our CEO!

  4. Judith Overton

    I have heard such great news about tou by some of your coworkers! Excited to see the positive energy you will bring to our mission field.

  5. Alicia – Super-excited you’ve taken on this role and know the LORD will bless this next chapter of you life & all who enter the doors of GraceWorks! My prayer is for you to feel deeply encouraged & strengthened by Him as you take on this role! Loved your excerpts above sharing your heart! Love YOU!

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