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Love Lifted Me

“Love Lifted Me” is an old hymn that speaks about a person sinking beneath the waves and Jesus rescuing him. 

It’s a hymn of renewal, and this season is the time to look back on the ways GraceWorks donors, staff and volunteers have restored hope as well as desperately needed resources to our Neighbors. This love of our supporters has pulled Neighbors out of the waves of hunger, homelessness, threatened eviction and utility disconnection. 

Many Neighbors have spoken or written of their gratitude. Here are some of their words: 

“GraceWorks had shown the true love that God wants us all to show to one another. I will never forget this kindness and be forever grateful! You will not find a more wonderful, loving and sincere group of people than GraceWorks!” 

“GraceWorks blessed me in a difficult season of my life. The generosity, spirituality and kindness I received there, as well as the practical provisions, have eased the difficulty of my journey considerably.” 

“The doors of GraceWorks opened and what they did for us is beyond what I could have imagined – not only the ministry of food and clothing, but most importantly their prayers.” 

“GraceWorks came to my rescue. They prayed, and they embraced me as I cried. They sat quietly absorbing my pain, and then they brought out the repair kit.” 

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. This was a bad time, and without your help I most surely would have lost it. But I think the best gift I have received from you is the gift of faith restored.” 

The hymn’s last line is “When nothing else could help, love lifted me.” GraceWorks is blessed to have a community that hears the despairing cries and steps forward to restore hope, faith and love in Neighbors who had nowhere else to turn. 

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