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Grace at Church

The partnership between GraceWorks and churches serves our neighbors even when our offices are closed. 

A few Sundays ago, a church usher approached a GraceWorker sitting in a pew during the worship service. The usher knew the man was a GraceWorks volunteer who interviews people coming to us for help and helps determine how best to fill their needs. 

“We have someone who walked in during the sermon and needs some help,” the usher said. “I thought maybe you could see if GraceWorks could do something.” 

The usher led the GraceWorker into a church office where he met Allen (not his real name). Allen was desperate. 

Allen explained he had a chronic benign tumor condition and showed an outline of tumors through his shirt. He had had several procedures to remove them through the years and had managed to keep working to make ends meet until a few months earlier. He was accepted for disability benefits but they would not take effect until the next month. 

Allen’s roommate had moved out, and he was now responsible for the entire rent payment. He didn’t have the money. 

And the rent was due the next day. 

The GraceWorker assured Allen that GraceWorks could help him. He could come in the next day, and he would also qualify for food, clothes and other assistance. 

Allen shook his head. 

“I am going in for surgery the first thing in the morning,” he said. “That’s why I am here. It’s urgent because I am not sure when I will be home,” he said. 

The GraceWorker luckily was able to catch a staff member on the phone on a Sunday morning. The staff member said GraceWorks would be able to help Allen keep his home even though he couldn’t get into the office – and that GraceWorks staff and volunteers would pray for the success of his surgery the next morning. 

“This story shows the powerful partnership between the church and GraceWorks,” the GraceWorker said. “When a church partners with GraceWorks, we are able to do abundantly more together. 

“Allen found hope under one of the steeples of Franklin. He found an answer, and he found a place that will partner with him again as he journeys through his challenging season.” 


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