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new Neighbor Services Intake Form

Intake Form only needs to be filled out if neighbor has never received any assistance from GraceWorks.

other helpful services

holiday services

During the Christmas season we provide Williamson County Neighbors with multiple blessings.


Christmas Food Boxes works with local churches and community partners to provide groceries delivered to the Neighbor’s home.


The Manger is our annual Christmas shopping program. With the generosity of our local community donating new items, and with the help from teams of volunteers, we create a store-like experience for these families to “shop” for Christmas presents for their children. 


Registration for these services start in November.

tax preparation

In our commitment to help families become more financially stable and increase their assets, GraceWorks refers Neighbors to a FREE Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, managed by United Way of Greater Nashville. Click HERE to access the FREE VITA program.

our little angels

Our Little Angels program is for Williamson County Neighbors and recognizes that each child is a gift and deserves the best start to life. Our goal is to provide a car seat, pack and play and other necessities for our little neighbors within their first year.

A/C & Heaters

GraceWorks can provide an air conditioner/heater for neighbors in need. Williamson County Neighbors requesting air conditioners must present a doctor’s letter recommending this person has a medical need for the air conditioner. Requests for heaters do not require a doctor’s note. Only one air conditioner, fan, or heater may be given in three years, with a lifetime limit of two units.

Referral Network

Serving since 1998 in middle Tennessee, GraceWorks has built up a robust referral network. When GraceWorks is unable to aid, we can refer neighbors to a variety of partnering non-profits and government agencies that are better equipped to serve them.

clothing & furniture

GraceWorks can provide vouchers for thrift and furniture store items to neighbors experiencing situation hardship. Neighbors who are experiencing homelessness, sleeping on the floor, or other similar situations may receive clothing and furniture free of charge. Vouchers are limited to level of necessity.

Counseling Referrals

Through our partnership with Refuge Center for Counseling, GraceWorks can provide a voucher to neighbors in need for 4 counseling sessions. Neighbors may receive up to 2 counseling vouchers and are asked to contribute $5 towards the cost of each session.

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