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how to get assistance

Financial requests can only be made by Williamson County residents. We require copies (no screenshots, please), of the following documents to be emailed ( or faxed (615.794.2174) to GraceWorks.

1. Current Statement

We require:

Rent/Lease Agreement

–– or ––

Mortgage Statement


1 payment per 12-month period.
(Bills must have name, address and account number)

We require:

Utility Bill

(water, electric, or gas/propane ONLY)



We are able to assist with 3 payments in a 12-month period, not exceeding a sum of $500.

(Bills must have name, address and account number)

When emailing or faxing documents please ensure the submission of all paperwork is clear and readable. 


Most Current Social Security Statement (SSI/SSD)
–– or ––

Other Most Current Income Statements (SNAP, TANF, CHIP)
–– or ––

Two Most Current Paycheck Stubs
–– or ––

Most Current Bank Statement
–– or ––

Unemployment Benefits Statement from last 30 days



Tax returns are NOT eligible.

We require a valid:

Driver License

–– or ––

State ID

–– or ––


Returning neighbors only:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • People In Household
    (names and birthdates)

Once we receive ALL your required documents, within 24 hours a representative of GraceWorks will call to discuss your request. During high volume times our response time may take longer. We process requests in the order in which they are received. If we do not receive ALL the required documents, your request will be considered on hold and we will not be able to proceed.

If we do not receive all required documents after 5 days from your original communication with GraceWorks, your request will be considered incomplete, and you will have to re-submit ALL documents.

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