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Unlock the Power of Your Generosity

Join the GraceWorks Movement: Your Chance to Double the Difference

A simple choice today can light up a life tomorrow. Your kindness has the power to turn ripples into waves. For a limited time, your donation to GraceWorks will go twice as far – thanks to Gresham Smith and Atmos Energy, who will match every dollar you give. Together, we can reach our $50,000 goal and make an immeasurable impact in our neighbors’ lives.

Donate by May 9, 2024 to be a part of this match.

How Your Donation Helps:

$25 – Drives Hope Forward Sponsor a gas gift card and fuel a neighbor’s journey, whether it’s to a job interview or a medical appointment.

$42 – Nourishes a Family Buy a cart of food worth $420 retail. Your donation fills pantries and bellies, spreading warmth and well-being.

$75 – Gifts Joy to a Child Provide Christmas presents to a child, and be a part of their cherished holiday memories.

$275 – Keeps Homes Warm and Bright Help keep the lights and heat on for a family with a utility bill payment, safeguarding their comfort and safety.

$300 – Welcomes New Life Provide essential supplies for new parents, ensuring their bundle of joy has a nurturing start in life.

$1,000 – Preserves the Shelter of Home Help someone stay in their home, preventing the heartache and stress of displacement.

Don’t let this moment pass – seize the chance to double your impact. With the support of Gresham Smith and Atmos Energy, your gift today is more powerful than ever. Tap into the collective strength of our community. Let’s reach $50,000 together!

GraceWorks is dedicated to harnessing the good in each of us to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and provide support to our neighbors. Each donation, matched in full, brings us closer to a world where everyone has the support they need to flourish. Join us in creating this world—one small act at a time.

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