GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks will be closed may 25-27

Trotting into her 90s

Thousands of runners and walkers line up Thanksgiving mornings for the Turkey Trot benefiting GraceWorks. Costumes befitting the season, or not, abound – with plenty of turkey hats, pilgrim outfits, tutus, even a Spiderman once. But in the 21 years since the first Trot, one person stands out. Betty Brownlee celebrated her 90th birthday by

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I Want YOU!

If you can, imagine my picture in that iconic Uncle Sam poster, (yeah, you have my permission to keep me in the hat!) where it is my pointed finger and my (smiling) face, declaring I want you. And I do! This letter is my call out to our community to come and volunteer with GraceWorks

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The Uplifting Chair

Sometimes a disappointment turns into a Godsend. Jan’s* husband needed a lift chair when he could no longer stand unassisted. After her husband’s death, Jan loaned the chair to her friend Margaret* who needed a chair that would allow her to sleep upright after eye surgery. When Margaret no longer needed the chair, she thought

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