GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks will be closed may 25-27

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GraceWorks has a new website.  And it is real pretty!   All jokes aside, I am particularly proud of how we have redesigned our website with all users in mind, but with special attention turned to our Neighbors.  You will see from the cleaner layout, fewer clicks and the very clear language that our goal […]

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Wrap Around Care

Julia, a single mother of an autistic teenage son, came to GraceWorks to request a store voucher for clothing for him. In conversation with a GraceWorker, our Neighbor Services volunteers, she opened up about other problems she was experiencing. She is unable to work because she can’t leave her son alone. He has separation issues

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Prayer is constantly in the air at GraceWorks.

Many Neighbors seeking help say they are comforted by the prayers offered by staff and volunteers in conversations about their needs. It’s part of GraceWorks’ mission of Neighbor serving Neighbor.  Recently, in the same week, our GraceWorker Manager realized just how strongly our Neighbors believe in the power of prayer.  Julie* brought her three children

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Manger Moments

Nathan was 7 years old when he first walked into The Manger, GraceWorks’ Christmas gift event.  To prevent him from seeing the gifts his parents were choosing for his Christmas, his mother sent him over to a section of children’s books. She had taught him to love to read as she did, and she knew

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Just a Volunteer

In a recent conversation, a valued GraceWorks volunteer described himself as a just a volunteer.  Volunteers at GraceWorks, (and for that matter anywhere else they serve in community) are worth their weight in gold!  In the first quarter of our July/June fiscal year, volunteers gave over 8,547 hours of their time, thereby saving GraceWorks $187,785,

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